Healthy Buildings and the Plant-Based Model

In this article, we will explore how natural and plant-based materials assist human health and wellbeing.

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Net Zero and the Built Environment: Where Does It Go From Here?
Balconies with green planting

Net Zero and the Built Environment: Where Does It Go From Here?

It is hard to underestimate the changes we have seen in the last five years with the creation of net zero carbon frameworks and the growth of ESG. Arising at the same time, net zero carbon and ESG more broadly have begun to fundamentally alter the construction and operation of buildings.

Richard Francis

By Richard Francis

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Why do we need interconnectors?
Electricity Interconnector

Why do we need interconnectors?

Interconnectors will play a critical role in helping the UK meet its green energy targets and improving the security of electricity supply. They enable the trade of gas and electricity between connecting countries. And with the current energy crisis, interconnectors are playing an increasingly important role helping to balance energy needs at times of high demand or lower domestic generation and exporting surplus gas and electricity when demand is lower.

Marissa Steyn

By Marisa Steyn

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