What is your Carbon Strategy?
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What is your Carbon Strategy?

In the last 10 years more than 2/3 of countries worldwide have adopted net zero carbon (NZC) commitments, with dozens implementing new regulation to reinforce these commitments, with at least a fifth of the world’s leading companies and a third of the UK’s biggest companies committed to net zero carbon targets. And this is just the beginning.

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By Richard Francis

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MMC Series: Procurement, Planning and the Role of Government

Halfway through G&T’s modern methods of construction series, the discussion turned to procurement and the opportunities for looking at alternative approaches, as well as the role the UK Government has to play in driving the uptake of MMC.

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AI in Construction: Goals, Capabilities and Applications
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AI in Construction: Goals, Capabilities and Applications

AI in construction has the potential to add value across the entire project lifecycle and construction ecosystem, from the early stages of project design, tendering, financing, to procurement and construction. It even has a role to play in the operational and asset management side.

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By Michael Urie

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