Modern Methods of Construction Series: Insurance, Onsite Challenges and Buildability

Construction workers on site looking at tablet

In the final session of the three-part modern methods of construction (MMC) series, the conversation turned to insurance considerations, key onsite challenges and what can be done to mitigate against these, as well as helpful advice for maximising the buildability of MMC solutions.

Hosted by G&T partners, Matt Holman and Oliver Booth, this webinar series brings together experts from across the supply chain to unlock the potential of MMC solutions. Earlier in the series insurance was highlighted as a key topic for the audience, so the panel began the final discussion sharing their experiences of obtaining insurances on their projects when using MMC.

They also highlighted key considerations such as early engagement with insurance providers, as having a positive impact on the development process. Panellists explained the differences between construction and property insurance and how they may be affected at different stages of a project, as well as what the insurer will look for when unwriting an MMC development.

During the session the audience were asked a series of poll questions, including what they believed to be the biggest challenges that may be faced onsite when using MMC.

The audience believed the biggest challenge would be the interfaces between traditional elements of a development and MMC solutions, closely followed by risks within the supply chain. In response to the poll result, the discussion focused on how best to mitigate against these challenges and the importance of involving the whole supply chain throughout the lifecycle of the project – something that is especially important when using MMC, as there is a smaller margin for error onsite when components are being manufactured offsite.

“80% of the audience believe MMC solutions to be easier to use onsite than traditional construction methods.”

The discussion went on to cover MMC buildability and what the panel expects the future to bring for modern methods of construction, offering advice for how to ensure maximum value for both the programme and cost efficiencies onsite, as well as lessons we could learn from international examples.

In the conclusion to the series, it was agreed that above all else early engagement with the supply chain and wider project team was vital for success when using MMC solutions. Education and ensuring advisors and insurers are taken on the journey from the outset of the development can also help mitigate against key challenges both in the factory and onsite that were identified throughout the series.

The expert panel convened for this discussion included Emily King - ESS, Sam Hiller - Gallaghers, Jaimie Johnston - Bryden Wood, Craig Liddell - Binderholz, Neil Pennell - Landsec and Kotey Nikoi – Pollard Thomas Edwards.

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