G&T's latest survey of M&E contractors provides valuable insights into the current state of the UK MEP market. Although construction input cost inflation has returned to more normal levels, surveyed contractors remain concerned about labour cost pressures, supply chain insolvencies and the recent spike in copper prices. The M&E supply chain is also contending with capacity issues and strong industry demand from certain buoyant sectors. These factors are impacting MEP package prices, squeezing certain sub-trades and putting further risk on the supply chain.

Our latest survey results cover:

  • Contractor financial performance and outlook
  • Secured workloads
  • Typical project overheads & profits and preliminaries costs
  • M&E contractors' inflationary forecasts
  • Labour rates and resource availability
  • Preferred project size
  • Successful tender ratio
  • Materials supply issues and lead times
  • Which sectors are providing the most work for M&E contractors
  • Market pressures and risks facing the UK market

Download the full report here.