Tender price indicator
Q2 2018

Our Tender Price Inflation report looks at the movement of prices in tenders for building contracts in the UK. The report examines a number of contributing factors including GDP, sterling, oil price, employment levels, input costs and construction output. This is further informed by our market survey responses and contractor consultations.

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Brexit 1
Richard Francis Web
By Richard Francis

Brexit Watch - Construction Labour

With Brexit just under a year away, we look at how it will affect the UK labour market and what impact it will have on the construction sector.

Topics: Brexit

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Airport Expansion
Jason Fowler
By Jason Fowler

Heathrow Airport Expansion Moves Forward

On 5th June 2018, the Cabinet signed off on plans for a new runway at Heathrow Airport. Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, said the decision was in the ‘national interest’.

Topics: Aviation

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Project Lending
Mary Rose Griffiths Web
By Mary Rose Griffiths

Key Issues for Lenders on Construction Projects

Our article looks at how structuring projects to make them more acceptable to lenders significantly improves the chances of getting them off of the ground.

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Building Above Railways
Andrew Paul Web
By Andrew Paul

Economics of Building Above Operational Railways

We look at some of the issues that design teams and contractors should take into account when contemplating an over site development.

Topics: Rail

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Shutterstock 1087705925
Oliver Booth Web
By Oliver Booth

Introduction to Cross Laminated Timber

We give a brief introduction to Cross Laminated Timber and look at how this new construction method is slowly changing the built environment.

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Intersection Of Tech Health And Place
Richard Francis Web
By Richard Francis

Next Generation Sustainability

In this article we look at the impact on sustainability when three worlds collide: health and wellbeing, technology and real estate.

Topics: Sustainability

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Market Focus Q1
Gavin Murgatroyd
By Gavin Murgatroyd

Market Focus: Insolvency Warning Signs

Following the failure of Carillion in January 2018 and its impact on the construction sector, we look at the early warning signs that can indicate problems ahead.

Topics: Insolvency

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Construction And Property Tax Update
Jared Caver 161125 102649
By Jared Carver

Tax Update - Environmental Incentives

Incorporating energy and water efficient technologies into buildings is not just good for the environment. They attract generous tax incentives too.

Topics: Tax

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Construction's Going Digital

At the RICS conference there was a focus on digitisation following the recent warning in the Farmer Review that construction must 'modernise or die'.

Topics: Technology

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Tony Burton
By Tony Burton

Parliamentarians Call On Training Overhaul to Help 'Build on Brexit'

The Commission of Inquiry of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Excellence in the Built Environment is calling for action from Government.

Topics: Brexit

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