After a year of evidence gathering, the City of London’s Skills for a Sustainable Skyline Taskforce has launched its recommendations report – highlighting the need for direct action to ensure Central London has a globally competitive sustainable commercial built environment.

G&T’s Matt Holman has contributed to the Taskforce over the last 12 months and will continue to champion its recommendations throughout the implementation phase over the next two years.

Download the full report here.

Through G&T’s Business with Purpose framework the firm is committed to a net zero carbon future and a more inclusive industry that represents the communities we are building for. By supporting clients with climate change challenges, giving opportunities to people no matter what their background or circumstances, G&T is working to help build local skills and giving back to industry initiatives such as the Sustainable Skyline Taskforce that are helping to create a more equitable world.

Find out more about the Skills for a Sustainable Skyline Taskforce.

“The Skyline Skills Recommendations Report highlights the critical need for greater access to a skilled, diverse workforce which is trained and qualified to construct, retrofit, and manage the commercial buildings of tomorrow.”

The Recommendations Report

Central London’s skyline is continuously evolving, and the built environment must ensure its workforce is equipped with the necessary skills and qualifications to build a sustainable skyline. The recommendations report sheds light on the skills gaps and opportunities that exist in creating greener and more sustainable skylines.

This involves reaching out to young people, employers and employees. It also highlights that things are changing for the better with the help of new technologies, materials and the circular economy, which are all leading to a radical shift in how the industry designs and builds commercial properties.

Read the recommendations which act as a call to action to:

  • Create better access to training and qualifications for the built environment workforce
  • Foster a workforce culture that is committed to driving sustainability, lifelong learning and diversity
  • Work with senior leaders and government to set ambitious green skills targets and legislation to meet the skills shortages in the industry

Visit the City of London’s website to find out more and how you can get involved.