Electric Vehicles

Jason Fowler
By Jason Fowler

Electric Vehicles: The Road To Zero

What is a Gigaplant and what are the challenges for developing them?

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David Norris
By David Norris

EV Facilities: Site Selection and Development

We are seeing some significant developments in the EV market. There is a perfect of storm of consumers wanting to switch to greener, more sustainable forms of transport, governments and regulators pushing legislation to enforce the transition to EVs and people showing little appetite for moving away from cars.

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EV Series: Round-up

Over the past few months Gardiner & Theobald (G&T) has released a series of market intelligence articles on the subject of decarbonising transport.

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Rob Lyons
By Rob Lyons

Decarbonising Transport: Retail in the Automotive Sector

The fourth in our electric vehicles series, this report looks at retail within the automotive industry.

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Urie Michael Gtmi
By Michael Urie

EV Manufacture in the UK

The latest independent outlook for the UK car manufacturing industry predicted that factories will make fewer than 885,000 cars this year — the first time volumes will have dipped below the one million mark since 2009. The one bright spot is EV manufacturing.

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Tom Garrett
By Tom Garrett

Electric Vehicles Infrastructure: Charging Ahead

Developing our own unique approach to everything is part of the UK’s DNA. As such, making the transition from internal combustion engines (ICE) to battery electric vehicles (BEV) will inevitably require new ways of doing things, especially if BEVs are going to contribute to the UK Government’s overarching policy to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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