How do we get the NHS from no CAFM to BIM?
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How do we get the NHS from no CAFM to BIM?

G&T’s strategic healthcare team recently met to discuss what issues may be faced by NHS Trusts, STPs and CCGs in working towards BIM. G&T director Joanne de la Porte shared her experience over the past 10 years as a Capital Programme Manager for a large Trust and the benefits reaped from implementing a CAFM system.

Hitting the NHS Capital Departmental Expenditure Limit (CDEL)
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Hitting the NHS Capital Departmental Expenditure Limit (CDEL)

NHS Estates and Capital Project Departments have never been under so much pressure. Since March 2020, the Government’s response to COVID-19 has included substantial Capital spending. Trusts have been faced with creating additional bed capacity, increasing Critical Care capacity, repurposing Operating Theatres and upgrading infrastructure to support site wide extended medical gas provision or similar.

  • SMART and Sustainable Hospitals
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    SMART and Sustainable Hospitals

    ‘Smart’ hospitals can capture everyday data to radically re-engineer our approach to healthcare. Enabled by an underlying network of interconnected digital assets, they are able to optimise, redesign and create new clinical processes, management systems and infrastructure. Smart hospitals are also able to provide services and insights which help improve patient care, patient experience and operational efficiency.

    By Michael Urie