Data Centres and Sustainability: How Can We Balance Demand with Environmental Targets?

In continuation of G&T's commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices, we collaborated with our media partner Bisnow to host a lively panel discussion on 'Data Centres and Sustainability: Balancing Demand with Environmental Targets'.

Moderated by G&T partner Adam Thurley, the webinar featured a panel of experts including Malcolm Howe from Cundall Johnston & Partners LLP, Louise Bunting of Carbon Net Neutral Tech Solutions and Ozgur Duzgunoglu from Telehouse Europe debating the challenge of sustainability in data centre development.

The environmental impact of data centres has thrust the sector into the spotlight following an increased need for environmental transparency and the introduction of The Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) framework in response to the UK Government's Net Zero 2050 target. This is further compounded by the projected increase in carbon emissions being driven by escalating demand for greater IT reliability, robust security and faster connectivity.

In response to society's collective push towards sustainability and governmental legislation to curb carbon emissions, businesses are exploring a spectrum of off-site and on-site solutions to meet these evolving requirements.

During the webinar, Adam and the panel engaged in a dynamic discussion on the future of sustainability and carbon reduction within data centre design, development and operation. They discussed key topics such as:

  • Defining carbon neutrality for data centres - exploring the parameters and challenges in achieving carbon neutrality within the data centre industry.
  • Projected environmental impact - assessing the potential environmental ramifications should sustainability strategies not be prioritised in data centre operations.
  • Challenges in carbon reduction - identifying the obstacles faced in implementing effective carbon reduction strategies in data centre developments.
  • Innovations in liquid cooling - examining future developments and innovations in liquid cooling technology to enhance data centre sustainability.
  • Heat export strategies - evaluating how heat export strategies contribute to enhancing the sustainability credentials of data centres.
  • Lifecycle carbon reduction - strategising ways to implement carbon reduction measures throughout the lifecycle of data centre projects.

It was a pleasure to work with Bisnow to host this webinar, thank you to our panellists for their invaluable contributions.

If you'd like to find out more about the topics discussed in this webinar, or speak to us about your upcoming project, get in touch with our expert today - Adam Thurley.

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