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New Project Map Tool

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As technology has developed, the increase in the use of internet maps has expanded. With smart phones and tablets, GPS can now pinpoint where you are at any given moment and tasks like visiting a place for the first time or locating the nearest landmark is now something of the norm. 


Nearly a year on since our brand refresh, we wanted to uphold our reputation as a market-leader in our industry so we are proud to introduce our new interactive project map tool. With our ambitions to constantly be at the forefront of innovation, we felt that this was the perfect new addition to our website and the map will become the focal point for web visitors to locate any G&T project in the world.

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Our project map tool, designed in our distinctive signature branding, is a pioneering addition to our website. Viewable on all screen sizes whether it is your PC, a tablet or a mobile phone, our map tool allows you to scale our projects from a continent all the way down to street level as well as share any location you wish with the handy “Share Map View” option.

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