Airport Expansion
Jason Fowler
By Jason Fowler
Topics: Aviation
Topics: Aviation

Heathrow Airport Expansion Moves Forward

G&T has been working with Heathrow Airport Ltd since 2014 under a framework for ‘Independent Fund Surveyor Services’ providing review and assurance relating to capital projects. Involving close liaison with the airport team, the airline community and government regulators - the Civil Aviation Authority - the role also encompasses the Heathrow Expansion project.

On 5th June 2018, the Cabinet signed off on plans for a new runway at Heathrow Airport. Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, announced to MPs that the decision was taken in the ‘national interest’ and said it would ‘benefit the whole of the UK’ with 15% of new landing slots at Heathrow facilitating regional connectivity and new domestic routes. MPs will be asked to vote on the expansion plan by 11th July.

Heathrow Expansion secured this key milestone with the Government approving the National Policy Statement which sets the planning policy framework which the airport owner will need to respond to in preparing their application for planning consent.

The £14bn runway could be completed by 2026 and will be funded entirely privately. The scheme is also likely to attract infrastructure improvements to the surrounding area and is expected to boost UK economic growth by £187bn as well as create 180,000 jobs across the country.

Heathrow 2.0 is recognised to have a significant impact on the local area and the expansion programme is designed to ensure the community surrounding the airport will continue to be a great place to live. Mr Grayling announced £2.6bn in compensation for residents and noise abatement measures and he made a pledge to ensure air quality commitments are met as the scheme progresses. Sustainability is a key objective for the programme which has an ambitious plan to deliver both environmental and economic benefits.

G&T has a team of six people advising Heathrow Airport Ltd in advance of its major decision gateways. The team is conducting an independent review of the cost estimate for Heathrow Expansion and associated project information for its infrastructure.

The third runway at Heathrow Airport has been debated for nearly 50 years. This announcement is a further key milestone for the project.

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